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Camelot Galway - City Of The Tribes - PC Video Game
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Camelot Galway

City Of The Tribes - PC Adventure Video Game

Camelot Galway - PC Video Game

camelot galwayCamelot Galway is a fantasy computer game & interactive educational adventure tour based on a medieval 17th century map of Galway city in Ireland, where the player can take an interactive tour of Galway, while learning about some of the most recognised Irish myths and folklore, and taking in some basic Irish language at the same time. 

Camelot Galway BuildingsThe Tour in Camelot Galway lets users walk back in time to Galway in 1651, interact with medieval characters in learning the history of Galway City and help them out on tasks during the adventure. Gameplay aspects include the user searching for dozens of hidden pages of 8 famous Irish stories of Irish folklore legends. The user can also help the medieval characters out with tasks to complete.


Camelot Galway LocalsThere are also many mini games to play to earn more coins in order to pay for some of the books pages that are needed. With each page the Camelot Galway storybook opens up and educates the user about Irish history and folklore. Along with the history and folklore, educational aspects also include the ability to click on objects in the game and see the English - Irish translation. Users can also discover 77 real Galway shops in this medieval world with information on these. 

Camelot Galway is an enjoyable adventure with hours of gameplay and over 30+ hours of gameplay uncovering this medieval world.


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Camelot Galway City Of The Tribes


History of Camelot Galway

Camelot Galway - City Of The Tribes ¦ The Video Game ¦
Camelot Galway LocalsDates back to 2003 when development began on an interactive tour of Galway City and expanded into an adventure game in 2004 with up to 3 different versions of the game during the whole development cycle! This can be seen with the History of Camelot Galway Video in the Media & Screenshots section of the website. 

We wanted to create a non-violent classic adventure game with historic, educational and engaging simple gameplay for all ages. The game idealy suits the age groups between 4 to 10 years old. 

The Camelot Galway PC video game was published online in 2005 by Games Publisher, GarageGames Inc. The availability of the game after 2006 came to an end for a number years until 2012 when Starcave Entertainment acquired the rights from IP holder Keith Killilea to re-release the game again.


Camelot Galway at the Volvo Ocean Race Galway

starcave camelot galwayThe first showcasing of Camelot Galway by Starcave Entertainment appeared at the International Volvo Ocean Race finale in Galway City 2012. For two weeks, the game entertained thousands of people (over One Million visitors to Galway for the Volvo Ocean Race) and was an fantastic hit with locals, Irish & tourists alike of all ages! A limited Edition Collectors Hard-Copy was also available - never to be re-printed again. We have a handful of these copies still as we kept them to the side due to the demand at the Volvo Ocean Race and you can get one of these very special copies from this website (Note: coming soon).